Basic Membership

1-10 employees $250.00
11-25 employees $320.00
26-50 employees $370.00
51-100 employees $440.00
100-500 employees $770.00
 Over 500 employees  $1,440.00

Commercial Property Developers

Base Rate $250.00
 Plus $2/developable acre
 Plus $1.35/ten square feet of leasable space


Base Rate $250.00

Financial Institutions

Base Rate(1-4 Million in Deposits) $250.00
5-50 Million in Deposits Base Rate Plus
$30/million over 5 Million
Over 50 Million in Deposits Base Rate Plus
$17/million over 5- Million

Hotels & Motels

1-25 rooms $250.00
26-200 rooms $430.00
201 rooms $785.00

Individuals (Anyone NOT Affiliated With Any Firm)

Base Rate $125.00

Non-Profit Organization

Base Rate $150.00
KC Coburn

About KC Coburn

KC Coburn is the owner of Marketing Java, a 20 year-old agency in Boulder, Colorado that provides web, social, marketing, and training services. KC is a small business owner and advocate, who loves spending time with budding entrepreneurs, established businesses trying to keep up on the web, and SBDC referrals who need help with SEO, website development and maintenance, social messaging and adverstising, and online marketing in general. She is an advocate for and great believer in "entrepreneurialism" and loves working with likeminded dreamers and visionaries. Visit her company at