Join us as we welcome summer at the Louisville Summerfest and FREE Vintage Car Meet! We are welcoming all vehicles 1979 and older! There will also be a 5k race, street fair, live entertainment, and much more downtown!

We will start parking cars at 8 am.

Please follow the map and directions below.

We will have two Zones where people are able to park their vehicles and there will be Speedy Sparkle employees in bright blue shirts to guide drivers to the right spot. On the map below, the purple stars represent all places where an employee will be stationed.

The street festival will last until 2 pm so we encourage drivers to stay through 2 pm as community members will be wandering around downtown from 9:30 am through 2 pm!

When driving in, ALL VEHICLES need to start by proceeding South down Main Street from South Boulder.
You will be met with an employee at the corner of Main Street and Griffith (right across from the middle school). The employee will let you know if you are going to Zone 1 or Zone 2.
If you are going to Zone 1
1. Proceed two more blocks to Caledonia St. You will see another employee who will direct you East to Front Street.
2. You will drive two blocks to Front Street and turn right.
3. You will go South on Front Street for two blocks and then be greeted by another employee, who will guide you to your parking spot!
If you are going to Zone 2
1. You will turn East on Griffth and proceed over the railroad tracks and two more blocks.
2. You will see an employee at the corner of Griffith and Cannon St who will direct you to turn South on Cannon St.
3. You will proceed down Cannon St past the apartment complex until you see another employee who will greet you at Zone 2 and direct you to your parking spot!